R & R

What do you do to find some R & R? Is it going to a yoga class, reading a good book, going to your favorite coffee shop, booking a three day get away? Every day life stays testing us. Flat tire, forgot your homework at home, can’t find your keys. It’s the small things that … More R & R

Be Your Own Valentine

Single on Valentines Day? Be your own Valentine. There’s no reason that only the people in relationships can love Valentines Day. Valentines Day is about love and it doesn’t have to just mean love towards a significant other. This year make Valentines Day about you if you’re not in a relationship. You’re not the only … More Be Your Own Valentine

A Girl on the Run

Being a woman living in a patriarchal society can be viewed as limiting sometimes. Not to say that we’re not progressing and that the feminist movement isn’t gaining momentum, but most women in this day in age have grown up with idea’s of what a woman should or shouldn’t do. Traveling alone typically is one … More A Girl on the Run